Prevident Instructions

  • It is best to use this toothpaste before bed.
  • Apply a small amount (pea-sized) for children three (3) and older or a smear (grain of rice size) for children under the age of three. You may mix your regular toothpaste with the Prevident if needed.
  • Brush into teeth on both the cheek and tongue side. Focus on the gum line!
  • Spit out excess, but DO NOT rinse.
  • While the gel is still on the teeth, floss or use dental picks to push the Prevident between the teeth. This is an “extra” step, but highly recommended as decay can occur between the teeth.
  • Do this nightly. Continue brushing with regular toothpaste in the morning. A mouth wash may also be used in the morning if directed by your dentist.

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